Past Events

Pillars of Systema Seminar
Jason Priest in Greenville, SC
November 10th-12th, 2017

Jason Priest

Jason Priest, a Validimir Vasiliev Certified Head Quarters Instructor, will be in Greenville, SC on Friday-Sunday, November 10th -12th to lead us in an advanced Systema Training Seminar: “Pillars of Systema”.  Anyone who has been to Headquarters knows that Jason is an excellent instructor.  Everyone I have spoken to has the same opinion: his classes are always great.  Jason will lead a Systema breathing  session on Friday night and then guide us through structured sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  10 hours of training with Jason in seminar format is an opportunity you won’t want to miss! Your skills will improve.

Freedom To Move Systema Seminar
Tommy Floyd in Greenville, SC
March 25 & 26, 2017


Tommy Floyd, a Validimir Vasiliev Certified Instructor , will be in Greenville, SC to lead us in an advanced Systema training seminar: “Freedom To Move”.  On Saturday, March 25th the focus will be on training exercises for mobility versus flexibility.  On Sunday, March 26th Tommy will progress attendees from the foundation laid on the 25th into drills that help integrate mobility into consciousness, protection, and combat.

Alex Popeskou in Greenville, SC
November 4-6, 2016

Alex Popeskou, gun and knife disarmament, gun, knife and car defense, systema greenville, martial arts, south carolina, personal protection, systema healthSenior Instructor Alex Popeskou will be in Greenville, SC this November to lead us in an advanced Systema training seminar.  On Friday night, November 4th Alex will lead us in a personal protection Systema class.  On Saturday, November 5th the focus will be on gun and knife disarming.  On Sunday, November 6th Alex will cover gun, knife and car defense.  This is a Systema Seminar you will not want to miss!